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Haunted Maze

Try To Find Your Way Out Alive!

Quick Details

*haunt is scary, but we leave it up to the parents discretion!

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Per Person

Be prepared for an immersive experience where the line between reality and nightmare blurs in Cleveland, Texas!

Step into Haunted Drive’s Haunted Maze and be enveloped by an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. The twists and turns will challenge your senses as you navigate through its dark corridors. Be careful, for it’s not just your way that you may lose!

Each corner holds the potential for a horrifying encounter that could leave you trembling with fear. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you try to find your way out alive as horrors lurk around each and every turn.

The Haunted Maze is meticulously designed to disorient and terrify, with surprises lurking in the shadows. Can you find your way out alive, or will you become another lost soul in the depths?