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Haunted House & Maze Combo

The Ultimate Double Fright Experience!

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Face your fears in this ultimate double fright experience where terror takes on in Cleveland, Texas!

Welcome to the chilling realm of Haunted Drive, where we’ve combined terror that takes on two terrifying forms: the Haunted House and the Haunted Maze. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling double dose of fear as you navigate through corridors and twisted paths!

Step into the Haunted House where your worst nightmares come to life and then enter the Haunted Maze where a disorienting path will challenge your senses and push you to the brink. Every twist and turn holds the potential for a horrifying encounter.

Both the House of Horror and the Maze of Dread offer immersive experiences where reality merges with nightmare. Will you escape its clutches or become forever trapped within its nightmarish walls?